Feel the Mediterranean with NEMO PRIMEROO

Our company has started its business in year 1994 in areas of import/export, construction, production, marketing and tourism.

In year 2013 our company has started the submarine tourism initiatives and in 2015, after accomplishing necessary inspections and getting the official permits, our company imported Turkey’s first touristic submarine NEMO PRIMERO to Turkey and started to operate in Alanya in year 2016.

Our personnel have been prepared by both abroad and in country trainings and courses. The philosophy of our company is first security, then comfort and making people having new experiences.

Cruising Glass
(80cm of Diameters)


Meters of Length


Meters of Working Depth


Tons of Weight

Live The Moment Under Water

Classification: Turkish Lloyd
Width: 2.4 meters
Length: 13 meters
Height: 4.75 meters
Passenger Capacity: 22 persons
Battery: Battery of 300 numbers of lead-acid pieces
Underwater speed: 3 KTS
Weight: 42 tons
Working depth: 25 meters
Up water speed: 4 KTS
Daily Drive System: 4 x 15 Kw/Watts electro-hydraulic motor.
Crew 2 People
Voyage time: 10 hours
Side windows: 12 view windows (with 80 cm diameters)
Front windows: 1 pilot view window (with 180 cm diameters)
Security Precautions: Every system has got an alternative.

Daily Voyages

By managing 8 diving voyages in a day, NEMO brings the curious passengers to the maximum of the excitement of the discovery.