NEMO PRIMERO, manufactured in Finland, is one of the most developed touristic submarines of the world in terms of developed technology and strong security systems with its 22 passengers and 2 person crew capacities. With its high capacity battery, NEMO PRIMERO can travel 10 hours non-stop and can stay under water for 72 hours and 30 minutes and it takes attention with its high maneuver capability.

NEMO PROMERO can make 10 diving in one day without any additional support. With its diving and trimming systems, NEMO PRIMERO can make a diving and superficies in less than 1 minute and easily controls the submarine under the water. The air in NEMO PRIMERO is refreshed with additional oxygen support and with the help of air conditioner; our passengers can enjoy a comfortable, fresh and healthy voyage!

NEMO PRIMERO, has passed a fully modernization process from its battery to its windows in year 2015. Including the shore alternatives, all battery charging system and air compressors were renewed. In November 2016, NEMO PRIMEROO had the Turkish Lloyd Certificate successfully after passing the difficult inspection.