About Tour

Touristic submarines are the only vehicles for many people to have a direct contact with the underworld. With our experienced crew, you can visit the depth of Alanya with the comfort just like you are in your home.

Our visitors will get the diving briefings just next to our submarine before 30 minutes of our diving. Throughout our diving experience, our co-pilot will provide you information about our submarine and the qualifications of the under water. Our visitors can make shopping in our souvenir shops before and after our diving and can get their drinks and snacks from NEMO Café. Our tour that will take around 1 hour will start from Alanya Marine-Harbor and will end at the same place.

NEMO PRIMERO, with wide windows is a specially designed submarine for this underwater trip. Our cabin is equipped with air-conditioning. Because the atmosphere pressure is protected inside, our passengers will not feel a change of pressure in their ears. People from all kinds of age and adequate physical conditions can dive with our submarine.